Sometimes I have silly ideas, sometimes I have good ideas, sometimes both. This is one of them.

So, this XKCD comic explains that we've spent so long creating passwords easy to guess and difficult to remember. Which isn't that great. So instead why not use a randomly generated phrase. By phrase I mean:
verb adjective noun noun

This usually ends up with you getting something like:
eat bloody time kitten
which, well, that's a bit weird but you've probably remembered it more than a password fully of random cases, symbols and numbers.
Even better, this is MORE secure than a bunch of numbers letters and symbols.

So I present to you, a password generator which uses the above method to make a password, I even got the example from it.

I'll eventually include some sort of password strength indicator for each generated phrase, but, those take time and my original idea of using Wolfram|Alpha is limited by the API.