For a project I'm working on I need to import various models made in Qubicle into Unity but doing this directly gives a bunch of small issues which make life slightly more difficult. This is how I import my models from Qubicle into Unity.

First up is the export settings themselves. As I create multiple models (matrixes) within Qubicle I prefer to use the separate export option. This means I can reuse a single asset at any time.
These are the settings I use for my exports:
Export settings for Qubicle

We export our materials as a texture as we'll be modifying this later within Unity.
I also initially had some issues with edges and optimisation which were solved by using "Manifold" as the optimisation method.

Unity will automatically recognise the .dae format and allow you to place the models in the scene. First, it's best to make a few changes to the prefab of the model for quality of life when working with them later.
These are the settings you'll want on your model prefab:
GIF of import settings.

You'll want to set the scale factor to something which suits your models. I found 0.09 to be the best. Try dragging your model into the scene and adjusting the scale until you find something that works.
You'll also want to untick "Import Animations" as Qubicle will (for some reason) export an avatar with the models which you don't need.

Finally comes the texture settings. These make the most noticeable difference to the way your model will look.
You'll want to get the texture you have for the models to match these settings:
Screenshot of texture settings.

Filter Mode as Point is most important as this ensures the colours do not get "blended" and remain as pixels. Truecolour format and Max size should depend on your texture size.

Once you've got all those done, you should see your model in all its glory. Here's what mine look like after doing the above:
Screenshot of the models in game engine after tweaks.