Fuck this screen.
Middle of a raid? Oh look, you've disconnected. Shame.
Reconnected? Cool. Except you don't get to go back into the game, you can look at this black screen.

This is how I play Destiny, with the knowledge that at any given point I can be booted and either reconnect OK (5%) or be stuck with just a black screen (99.99999999%). (They don't add up because neither does this issue.)

It all started many months ago with the release of TTK and 2.0, I started playing Destiny again because my Fireteam had all agree'd we'd come back, with all the new DLC and fancy changes and give the raids another shot - last time we got to Aetheon once and then that was it.
This time, determined, we got ourselves to Light Level 290 and began our journey. Except, I randomly disconnect for no apparent reason with "baboon" haunting me. This makes no sense, especially on a 50Mbps fibre connection.


Who knows.

I've tried:

  • Rebooting the router.
  • Rebooting the modem and router.
  • Using a direct cable between the modem and router (no powerline adapters)
  • Disabling QoS completely.
  • QoS for the PS4 at max, no other rules.
  • Wired, WiFi
  • Multiple magnitudes of different cables
  • Other games

The biggest thing I've noticed here is that other games are fine.
Black Ops 3 multiplayer suffers absolutely no problems at all. Despite this I've tested almost everything except a new router. I'm using a Nighthawk R7000 with a whole bunch of configurations for my network and this seems like a lot of effort and removing this for the sake of one game is too much effort.

Another weird thing about this is, a second Destiny player on the network can play fine while the other disconnects. Occasionally both will disconnect at the same time but more times than others, one will have issues and the other will be completely fine.

Just to be sure, I've even tried checking for packet loss, for an entire game I had my laptop ping Google, no packet loss, nothing that looks too bad, maybe the fact the highest response was 71ms, but still, for gaming that shouldn't matter at all, heck, that's still in the relatively good margin.
0% packet loss

So, I have no idea what is happening.
I may eventually figure this out.