This was the first Ludum Dare I've participated in.. it was rather fun.

LD 33: Go to the Ludum Dare page here.
Theme: You are the Monster
Style: "Reverse Mario"
Art: Pixel - PyxelEdit
Engine: Unity 5.1
Other: Base platformer tutorial by Sebastian Lague, license included.

You're thinking of stealing a princess again, aren't you? You monster.

The aim of the game is to navigate your way to the princess, picking up resources to help you on the way. The net and rope are particularly useful.
Don't forget the precious riches, all these eccentric plans don't come cheap, something has to pay for your crazy adventures.

Start of the level.

You Monster

The game was made in just under 13 hours, a majority of this time was making art and deciding mechanics.

The original plan was to have 3 levels with individual princesses to steal, each being related to a different colour gem - Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, however I ended up spending too long working on getting the core gameplay working and didn't have enough time to create the next levels. Unfortunately I didn't use a tile system and was placing every 16x16 block individually (read: duplicating and moving).
There was also a plan to have the player need to collect the Net and Rope before they could steal the princess, this was half implemented before I ran out of time (read: energy to stay awake).

What did make it

JumpBoxes, motion is actually quicker.

these are quite simply boxes you jump at which produce loot.
These are achieved by attaching an Edge Collider to the bottom of the box which acts as a trigger. If the player hits this collider, the box is triggered and the loot, which can be specified is produced.
The boxes can also be stood on. Only hitting them from the bottom will cause them to fly away.

Enemies kind of work.
Currently they can wander between specified waypoints and if you jump on top of them they'll die. Think of them as upside-down-moving-jumpboxes.
They don't cause any damage or death to the player as I didn't have the time to implement this after getting the rest of the game to work. They do make it slightly harder to reach some platforms though.

Jewels, precious collectables. Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies, scattered throughout the level. As I've said above, the original plan was to have the jewels on each level represent their princesses but time happened. They are however each worth a different amount of points to add to your score. They also bounce and can have their bounce properties changed!

Speaking of Score that works! You amass a score from killing enemies, collecting jewels and breaking JumpBoxes. Again the plan was to have a scoreboard for each level etc. Time is a cruel thing.

Checkpoints are a thing in the game. Each time you see the "Princess ->" sign you've reached a silent checkpoint. You'll respawn at this checkpoint until you reach another one. Note: this is any other checkpoint.

UI features are slightly limited but all the information you'll need is there. Score and lives. This is also the first time I've used the new Unity 5 UI system, so the code behind it is probably absolutely atrocious. Actually, the whole thing (bar the base stuff) is.


I'm quite pleased with how the game turned out, considering usually it takes me several months to reach this point - speaking of that I really should start working on the game I've been planning for the past few months.

Anyway, this was quite fun and for the 13 hours I spent getting everything to work I'm rather pleased with it. Once the Unity tile system is released I might go back to the idea and finish it.